Saturday, 16 February 2013

Discovery in the Cantina

When clearing out the Cantina today we came across a box full of broken china. Not sure if its treasure or trash but really impressed with this little gem. 

It looks hand painted, and is a good interpretation of the Square in Ascoli Piceno which is shown in the second picture.  

The inscription says "50th Anniversary of the invalids of the war - 1917- 1967. Only 46 years old and 44 years to go before it becomes an Antique! 

Ascoli is  one of out favourite destination and only about 45 minutes from Cancello Est. 

The central historical part of the city is built in marble called travertino, a grey-hued stone extracted from the surrounding mountains. Its central Renaissance square, Piazza del Popolo ("Square of the People") is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy. According to traditional accounts, Ascoli Piceno was home to more than two hundred towers in the Middle Ages: today some fifty can still be seen.

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