Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Another Discovery at Cancello Est

We discovered this ornate brick today - an eight-pointed star which has been carved onto the face of a totally square brick.  Adriana, the Fresco expert says it dates from the 14th or 15th century and believes it was part of the original eastern gate of the village of Gualdo. 

According to christianity, the eight-pointed star is the Star of Redemption or Regeneration and represents baptism. Eight is traditionally the number of regeneration, and thus many baptismal fonts have an octagonal base. 

Providing added significance is the assumption that Jesus was circumcised and named when he was eight days old (the traditional Jewish practice); baptism is seen as the New Testament equivalent of circumcision.

Finally, eight persons were saved in Noah's ark, which is another Old Testament parallel of baptism.

Well, we feel it is quite apt as there is certainly a lot of regeneration going on at Cancello Est. 
If anyone can throw any more light on this we would really appreciate the feedback. We have forwarded to the local historical offices for more information. 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

It Feels like Spring has Sprung and Guest Lounge Underway

It feels like Spring has arrived in Gualdo. Trees are and in full bud, Catkins and blowing in the breeze and beautiful blue skies over the Sibillini Mountains.

The guest lounge on 2nd floor has just had a new floor and the walls have been stripped to reveal beautiful honey coloured stone. The pictures of the views are taken from this room and are spectacular.

Beams, refurbished stone and more recycled original floor tiles will complete the look. Moving in at Easter is  becoming more of a reality every day.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Scaffolding Removal Reveals a Gem!

Before - Cancello Est is the white building bottom right with the creeper 

Before and after!

The facade has now been fully restored and what a difference it makes.

All the cement and white wash was removed by hand due to the fragility of the ancient stone.

The stonework originally was quarried by hand and you can see the craftsmanship of the 17th Century artisans.

Just need to add the windows and shutters and the old girl will look perfect.
After - Cancello Est is now the honey coloured building to the right

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bridal Suite Fresco - Stage one

Don't worry - the cracks and the rogue plaster will disappear during stage two  As a bridal suite we think this is starting to become quite a special place to wake up on the first day of your honeymoon!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fresco Restoration Has Begun - Unbelievable Beauty Discovered

After the Christmas break, the restoration of the Frescoes has begun in earnest and we are amazed at the beautiful designs that are slowly being revealed.

The first masterpiece will be in the bridal suite and has been dated to 17th Century. 

Can you imagine waking up to this creation on the first day of your honeymoon?

Adriana, our fresco restorer has predicted that the walls will be panelled and she believes that they will have scenic views of the Marche and Sibillini views,  that she says,  is typical of the area and of the period. If this proves to be correct the  stunning view through the window will be framed by an artist impression of the magnificent countryside. 

We can' wait to see what a few more days of scraping, dissolving, restoration and good old fashioned Italian Elbow Grease will reveal - I guess as they say, watch this space!