Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Meal I Waited 55 Years For!

Well, its finally happened - I have had the best meal of my life. Today we went to Restaurant Il Tiglio in the mountainous village of Montemonaco which is nestled in the stunningly breathtaking Sibillini National Park. The weather was glorious which made the 45 minute trip there wonderful.

We sat at 12h30 and finally had some coffee at 16h30 - what a wonderful way to spend your birthday - special friends, special food and of course exceptional wine! A cellar here to be marvelled catalogued as a old bible  of wine

Here are some highlights of the 11 course degustation menu - well worth a visit when you are in Marche. There were other courses but in my excitement for the food, I forgot to take pictures.

White Truffle Ice Cream to tease the Mouth with Parmesan Fitters

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and different salts to tease the palate 

Tongue with basil and herb salad 

Carrot cooked with a curry jus and pureed carrot (Grapefruit Foam - yummy)

Mushrooms, Mushrooms and Mushrooms

Fois Gras

Cinghale Ragu with a lime sauce  
Pigeon with cherries 

Herb ice cream with crushed almonds and basil tea 

Milk chocolate mousse with beer ice cream and rich chocolate 

Hazelnut ice cream