Friday, 31 August 2012

The Old Lady of Gualdo is Finally Getting a Face Lift

 After a few months of intensive negotiation we have begun the restoration.

The old lady is currently clad in a corset of scaffolding and the face lift begins. The first objective is the outside walls and roof and indeed she is getting a "full support" corset of steel to ensure that not only can she withstand the extremes of weather but also the odd earthquake tantrum that Mother Nature occasionally throws in this area of Italy.

The great wall of Gualdo is now under construction and the "boys" are busy knitting the metal structure that will hold back the garden and of course support the swimming pool.

The swimming pool was was one of the areas of contention for the Commune in Gualdo as it is the first one to be allowed in the "Area Historicale" and the architect - Piero, had to jump through quite a few hoops to gain permission to build.

The garden area or "orto" is actually situated in the 11th century tower of the medieval village and of course we are rebuilding it it using the traditional methods of the time (backed with just a touch of concrete, which will be out of view as it has to be earthquake proof).

I just hope when the outside is finished this old lady  doesn't look like Joan Rivers sucking a lemon!  Hard to imagine that in a few months the breakfast terrace will be complete with great organic food, fabulous views and