Friday, 23 November 2012

Where Eagles Dare!

Wonderful sight from Cancello Est this morning - a pair of eagles were swopping over the new roof and enjoying the winter sun.

It's remarkable that there is such incredible wildlife so close to us. Probably due to the fact that we overlook the Sibillini National Park and the wondrous snow capped peaks of the mountains.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Copper Guttering added to Complete the Roof

The finishing touches to the roof refurbishment is the addition of wonderful copper gutters that will drain the rainwater into tanks so that in can be recycled for garden use and to fill the pool.

Looks pretty amazing just hope we don't have to polish it every week !

Monday, 19 November 2012

Crowning Glory Completed

Now the roof has been completed (with an extra chimney) the builders have started to renovate the inside of Cancello Est.

This is the first bedroom to go under the hammer and we are amazed at how much larger the rooms look with the walls removed and the windows lengthened to create french doors.

This suite will have great uninterrupted views to the Grand Sasso from the front and from the other window all the way to the sea.

Please note that the builders lunch table is not indicative of future furnishings!!!!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Street where we live (Eventually) Autumn Colours Amazing !

Before and After - Breathing Life into the Facade!

Work is well underway with the outside of Cancello Est and the painstaking restoration is starting to pay dividends.

The first picture is the "before" - dreadful flaking plaster that was slapped on in the 70's and then white washed. (Why?)

This has been removed by hand with chisels and wire brushes to reveal the beautiful honey coloured stone so typical of this part of Italy.

Picture two shows the contrast and it is still a work in process. Next job ( apart from elbow grease with the wire brush) is repoint with Marbletta which will not only make the walls water and damp proof but also make a very pleasing honey coloured facade.

The builders should be starting on the inside on Friday and the outside complete - so exciting.

Also need to compliment the builders - good old fashioned work ethic and amazing workmanship. Well done Antonio and team!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Not a Cloud in the Sky and the New Roof Continues a Pace

As you can see from the pictures hardly a cloud in the sky and no rain which is just as well when you don't have a roof. 

The old tiles are being carefully recycled and relayed as coping stones to hold the new roof. A "basque" of metal beams have been inserted to tighten up the wall structure and to make Cancello Est as earthquake proof as possible.

Roof construction seems to be a bit of an art here in Italy. The roof has to be able to withstand snow at one end of the scale and soaring summer temperatures at the other. The construction is achieved with seven different layers of material that fit snuggly on the beams.

Terracotta tiles (the honey colour is unique to the Marche region),  a layer of wire mesh, a layer of mortar, a layer of insulation, another layer of mortar and then two layers of u-shaped roof tiles - One facing up and one facing down. Remarkable.

The architect tells us that the outside should be totally complete by next Friday and we can then start on the inside.

Never would have thought we would be so excited about roofing - (usually just the roof wetting!)

Look at the wonderful view we have looking towards Smerillo

Exceptional floods leave half of Venice under water

Our hearts go out to the people of Venice.  After days of rain, water in Venice rises to a height of 55 inches above sea level, flooding many shops and buildings. Flooding has intensified in Venice leaving the landmark of St Mark's Square under waters 24 inches deep.

Some 58 per cent of the city was reportedly covered by the flood waters. Tourists could be seen wading through thigh-deep water as rain kept battering the square. Raised walkways have been placed around the historic centre to help people move around the city.Shops, basements and buildings have been flooded
While the canal city is used to high waters, they are putting the delicate system of the city under heavy stress.